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More like deserves a hot dog. Someone who loves hot dogs, has a nervous cough, outrageously loud hackle (laugh) and yells out obnoxious words such as but not limited to:

and etc...

Most days an Ernsberger will have some far out exaggerated story that pertains to absolutely no good to society. An Ernsberger will also try to date his best friends girl. An Ernsberger, however, can be a nice to be around.
Ernsberger: "I can buy that Mustang shell, you can find engines everywhere for 'em."

Realistic Person 1: " You have no money to buy even the shell"

Ernsberger: "(Nervous cough while avoiding eye contact) Well as soon as I sell my mopeds I know that I will have more than enough fer it, and enough for the lift kit and V8 for my XJ."

Realistic Person 2: " You are so full of shit"

Ernsberger: hey whens your girlfriend coming over again?
by Rita Evelyn Martin October 26, 2010
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