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1)To have been sabatoged by someone named Ernie. 2)To resolve an issue in a backwards way.
This computer has been ernie'd.
by Brian Edson April 11, 2008
1. Being bothered by a self centered individual. 2. Being woken up earlier than desired by a significant other in a sudden and abrupt manner.
Man, I was trying to sleep in and my girlfriend ernied the shit out of me by yelling in my ear and poking me.
by Dr. Walter Fanchy October 06, 2013
A remark that angers someone not because it's an insult, but because of the truth it contains. From Nebraska state senator Chambers way of saying what he thinks.
Leo just said to your face that you are a Sissie without out your pocket courage. You just got ernied, ain't you going to do something about it? I would but my gun's jammed.
by knowman April 08, 2008
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