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gettin on peoples nerves.
girl A "man lashanda be erkin my nerves. she bein doin to much."

girl B "I know she talk to much and just be trying to get our attention"
by 7v0a3highway April 09, 2009
1. To be very drunk and looking to fight.
After i drank all that E&J i went Erk'in down the block and got arrested.
by SIC47 September 19, 2006
a form of dance highly seen in da Midwest. a fast form of pop lockin mixed w/ stackin
Look at duke erkin
by Mr.Exstacy January 30, 2009
To be annoyed... or to annoy someone... can be also used as lightweight erkin "to be annoyed but not that bad"...
Mahdeww you lightweight erkin me right now.
by Nathan Pelecepcion October 18, 2010