The prettiest and best girl you could possibly meet.
Words can't describe Erin.
by Luke Weber11 January 19, 2015
a girl who is very pretty even though she does not know it. she smart and she can do the work but thinks she might need help so reminder that she is smarter than she thinks.she is filled with confedence, this girl is one of a kind. don't mess with her because a girl like Erin has friends that love and protect. this girl is very very strong.
erin is girl evryone wants
by hailey medina March 27, 2015
a girl that is really hot. when you see one you just can't resist.

trust me. i got my heart broke by one.
loser1: check out that girl over. dayum shes got ass
me: she must be an erin.
by brad pitt™ February 08, 2015
Erin is a beautiful girl, (or woman.) She will not only have the looks of a goddess, but she have the mind of Einstein. She is and will be the nicest person you will ever meet. She will also be the biggest Disney fan you will ever. She's so creative and an awesome writer, never doubt this girl's dreams.
I wish I could be like Erin
by Volleydoll November 14, 2014
The most beautiful, amazing, intelligent and gorgeous girl to ever walk on the plains of Earth. She truly is a god among mortals and she can make Dylan do 500 sit ups (even though he hates them). She is the main reason for Dylan's smile everyday. Also the oxford dictionary won't change the definition of beautiful to her name.
Please don't kill me for doing this Erin, love Dylan 😘
by Dylandafirenze01 February 07, 2015
A female with a booty like an angel. Nothing compares to that bum. She is to hot to handle.
Erin's booty is heavenly!
by nothingbutthetruth054 March 01, 2015
A dazzling, bright, beautiful girl. Erin is most closely associated with the word Justin. She is perfect in all aspects, and loves to hang out with friends.
Wow, look at Erin, liking other boys but not realizing that Justin is the one for her.

Look at your dress, you're just like an Erin!
by Shaniqqqqqua May 27, 2011

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