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A sexy sideline reporter for ESPN.
I saw Erin Andrews at the game and whacked off.
#sportsbabe #espn #female #hottie #sexy
by John Mr. Mil-Town December 28, 2008
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An attention whore reporter for ESPN who loved being video taped for attention but made a big deal about it...for attention. Mediocre body and reporting skills and wouldn't have a job if she wasn't blonde and "hot". Should be replaced by a male reporter.
Erin Andrews is a crybaby
#attention whore #erin #erin andrews #sports #espn
by erin sucks April 04, 2010
1. A really hot female sports reporter.
2. A woman who gets really wasted and pisses herself with jeans on, in a closet while squatting and totally blacked out.
I was totally gonna bang that chick last night but she pulled an Erin Andrews.
#drunk #wasted #pissing #piss #girl #boozehound
by krapperson November 26, 2010
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