2 definitions by krapperson

1. a mythical creature a that only exists in fairy tales and porn.
2. A squirter
3. A female who has the ability to spray a ton of liquid out of her vagina and it is not urine.
4. Sometimes will preface telling you about her special ability by asking if you like dogs.
1. Last night I took the white unicorn home and all my dreams were fulfilled.
2. Once she asked me if I like dogs, I knew she was a white unicorn.
by krapperson November 26, 2010
1. A really hot female sports reporter.
2. A woman who gets really wasted and pisses herself with jeans on, in a closet while squatting and totally blacked out.
I was totally gonna bang that chick last night but she pulled an Erin Andrews.
by krapperson November 26, 2010

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