an absolutely amazing british blues guitarist born in ripley surrey england, and from a youn gage had picked up a guitar and went from that, listening to blues for hours upon end clapton learned from his idols such as muddy waters and robert johnson clapton started his first band at a young age, this band was the yardbirds, they had a pop following with the song for your love but clapton didnt feel right and soon left the yardbirds, he later joined john mayall and the blues breakers and enhanced his blues sound, from there he went to cream, by this point clapton had a large following of fans and his name was scrawled onto the wall of a london building saying clapton is god...from that point clapton left cream after a few years and went to blind faith a band that didnt last as long as cream or have as many records which broke up in 1970 , clapton then sponsored and played guitar for an england tour for delaney and bonnie, after that clapton tried a more low key band with derek and the dominoes derek being eric, this rouse didnt fool many people, claptons signature sound had been recognized, but while with the dominoes eric wrote his arguably most famous love song "layla" which critics originally hated due to its meaning (claptons love for george harrisons wife), after the dominoes ended clapton started his long solo career and played with many other artists off and on, and he continued to produce his hits through his solo career with songs like "let it grow" "wonderful tonight" which debued on the slowhand album "tears in heaven" which was made in honor of his son who had died falling off a balcony, and "cocaine" clapton suprised many in 91 when he played many acoustic versions of famous songs for the hit show "unplugged" among these songs were acoustic versions of "before you accuse me" "layla" and claptons instrumental "signe", through all these years clapton remains a steeple of blues music, and will always be remembered as one of the greatest guitarists of all time
eric clapton was ironically given the nickname slowhand for his blues artistry on the guitar
by thenextslowhand February 10, 2007
Who Jesus transforms into when he picks up a guitar.
Idiot: Whoa! Jesus and Eric Clapton are one in the same?
Me: Did you not hear Tears in Heaven? (Commences Bitchslapping.)
by Juan David Martos Alsina Tafares February 08, 2008
Clapton is the greatest Guitarist to Bless this sweet earth i see u guys writing about roger waters and thats pathetic that u would compare someone like him to clapton clapton is un doubtably the god of the guitar nobody compares and nobody competes
eric clapton played in bands such as the yardbirds, cream, derek and the dominoes, blind faith, john mayalls blues breakers and he also did solo work
by Collin Johnson April 13, 2006
Generally considered one of the greatest guitarists who ever walked the earth, and perhaps the greatest blues musician ever NOT born in America. For many years Clapton's work has been universally lauded by musicians and music fans as some of the best of its kind. Though as younger audiences have recently taken to denigrating his musicianship, they'd do well to note that the popular assessment of him is based mostly on the following:

1. His work with Derek and the Dominos
2. The Bluesbreakers
3. Cream
4. All his live performances
5. All other studio works (Blind Faith, The Yardbirds From the Cradle, ect.)

We'd probably all be saying Eric was the best guitarist ever if not for you-know-who.
"Wow, that Eric Clapton sure can play guitar. Too bad he's a complete sellout after the cellphone commercial."

"Yeah, I'll stick with Steve Vai. He might be tasteless and showy, but he doesn't prostitute himself. Not that anyone would pay to have sex with him, as he looks like a goblin, but you know."
by Ferdinandoftheblews March 12, 2010
Very influential guitar player that played with some of the best groups of all time (Cream, Derek and the Dominoes, The Yardbirds, etc...) Also influenced Hendrix who for some reason became more influential but sucked at playing the guitar when it came to technicality and ability.
JIMI IS WAY TO OVERATED LISTEN TO OTHER GUITARIST AND YOU WILL REALIZE JUST HOW MUCH HE IS PWNED BY THEM. And I don't mean any of that punk or nu-metal crap i mean the Soloist.
by thelumberjack April 28, 2005
excessive drooling while giving a blow job.
Does anyone else Eric Clapton when giving oral?
by MUA Psycho October 13, 2012
One of the most one overrated guitar players of all time. Compared to Jimi Hendrix he's barely a guitar player. Don't get me wrong, I think Clapton is a great guitarist but I'm tired of my grandma telling me how amazing he is when I've listened to a lot of his stuff and have his records. Jimi Hendrix kicks his ass by far.
Eric Clapton is not "god" -_-
by Pleading The Fifth January 13, 2012
a term used to refer to a vaginal STD
freind.1 I was realy itchy down their

freind.2 So what did you do?

freind .1 I went to the doctor and he said I had an Eric Clapton

freind .2 well that sucks

freind .1 he gave me some cream for it.
by plokijuhygtfrdeswaq November 05, 2009

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