The current U.S. house majority leader and Eric Cartman's human form. Possibly the most immature douchebag ever to grace the halls of congress. Known for repeatedly interrupting the president during meetings, refusing to even discuss ideas put forth by the other party no matter how valid, and walking out if he can't get his way on everything.

When he couldn't get his cuts passed, decided to play politics with disaster victims by holding their relief funds hostage.

Thinks we should defund the USGS, because we don't really need all those earthquake sensors, do we? Apparently his deity doesn't agree - months after Cantor made those comments, an unprecedented magnitude 6 earthquake centered squarely in Cantor's own congressional district rattled the whole east coast.

Calls the Occupy Wall Street protesters "dangerous mobs pitting Americans against Americans", even though he referred to the Tea Party protests as "fighting on the front lines of a battle for our democracy".
Eric Cantor: "screw you guys, I'm going home."
by coffee_drinker October 16, 2011
Top Definition
U.S. Congressman or possibly manager of the asshole store.
'Eric Cantor reminds me of the Manager of the asshole store.' -Lewis Black.
by Johnny Blac February 09, 2009

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