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"Eria" (noun, ur-ree-uh) is a variation of the word "area" as a result of Southern accentation. It is usually used within the phrase "in the eria," although it can be used abstractly. To be "in the eria" is an east coast term recognizing the presence of someone/something important, thereby directing attention toward them. Used in the same context as "in the house," or "up in here." This expression is often followed by "ridin' his/her cerrage (see ride your cerrage)" when referring to a person.

Rapper J-Boy uses the expression in several of his songs. "I'm a prophet to the people of Potomac suburbia, so put ya hands up, J-Boy's in the eria."
"J-Boy's in the eria!"

David: Oh damn, Tyrone just popped a three!
Sam: He's in the eria today.

"Everyone, let's give Rob a round of applause for today's game. Rob in the eria, ridin' his cerrage!"
by Jbeezy01 January 25, 2008
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