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erf is the planet we live on.
there are alot of people on erf.
by nick April 28, 2006
212 63
A word that signifies frusteration.
Erf, I've fallen down and I can't get up!
by Mer October 17, 2003
63 24
The error function. Computer programs such as Mathematica and Maple incorrectly evaluate about 95% of integrals taken over all space. When the program fails to recognize an integral, it automatically spits out "erf" for an unknown reason.
Person 1: Dude, we have a Quantum Mechanics homework set due in 30 minutes, & I can't figure out how to evaluate this integral.
Person 2: Don't worry, we'll put it into Maple!
Maple: Erf erf erf erf erf...
Professor: epic fail.
by MorvAreed April 14, 2009
28 17
Phrase uttered when in a overwhelming state of confusion, mostly by dogs.
Erf? Uh, I should've studied for this test.
by droneaccount808 November 17, 2010
7 2
noun. (erf)
1. A nonchalant noise often made by wired kids; 2. A building block in the formation of Queasy Erf Moneybags Bay Bay 4th gen. Bay; 3. E.R.F. - Every Redneck Farts; 4. Absolutely nothing
1. erf, erf...
by Queasy April 27, 2012
0 4
erf is a word to describe a state of confusion. =]
wah da erffff is that what you call your face ??
by Kevin Cheung July 19, 2005
15 20
Verb; To perform a very dirty deed, usually in sexual, slutty nature.
"Yo did you hear what happened the other night?"

"Yeah, I can't believe Suzy ERFed that dude in the back of her Dad's Camry."
by Bruuuce October 19, 2007
8 15