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Boxer Briefs or whitey tightys that in case of an erection, it can be swiftly hidden within the confines of the undergarmet, instead of poking out awkwardly toward the public. Especially useful for a narb.
Thank god I had erection protection when I got a narb at my friends Hot Dog rally!
by The Word Editor July 23, 2008
The amount of protection provided by clothing such as pants, sweaters and shirts, that helps to hide the fact that you have an erection.
"My swim shorts didn't have very good erection protection last night. Every one in pool could tell I was as hard as a rock."

"I'd give these new pair of jeans a 10/10 on the erection protection scale!"
by Missed or Nickel August 12, 2009
When someone is cock blocked, but is very thankful for it.
I was so blasted last night. I was about to hook up with this really ugly chick. Fortunately, i got erection protection from a loyal friend
by HyperAjax August 08, 2009
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