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The first book in the Inheritance Cycle. A great book that is fun to read. Really interesting characters.
I Just finished Eragon, now I have to read Eldest.
by edwardcullenisasparklystalker February 07, 2010
a huge dragon-sized erection
"i have a huge eragon right now"
by dBIT February 21, 2007
The best book ever written. It is about dragons, elves, and a lot of battles.
"I just finished Eragon. It was so INCREDIBLE! I just want to read it again and the other two books, Eldest and Brisingr!!!"
-A friend of mine... I cannot mention a name.
by OMGPICKLES January 11, 2010
An entertaining book for children ages 10-15. It is entaertaing but uses many over used themes. The similarities to Star Wars and Lord of the Rings is blatently obvious.... The main charecters name is because it is one letter of Dragon...
Eragon is a good book for kids.
by Jummy93 July 25, 2006
A pretty badass hero who has a flaming sword, an elf to hang out with, and a huge blue dragon. Plus the task of saving the world from an evil guy who wants to enslave everybody and kill all the good people. Yeah.
Eragon has a flaming sword named Brisingr.
by thegirlwhogotLoki'dagain December 31, 2012
\air-uh-GON; air-A-gawn\, verb.
# Reproducing or recreating in a new medium a known, loved, or respected piece of work in an unflattering or shoddy manner.

# Wasting of talent, resources, money, or time.

# To make a gross or stupid mistake, esp. through carelessness or mental confusion.

# To reduce to ruin, devastate, destroy, injure irretrievably, shatter, or lay waste to (a thing).

"Did you hear that Ice Capades is going to eragon On the Waterfront?"

"Hiring Jack Nicholson to do OSHA films sounds fun, but it would eragon both his time and our budget."

"I hope Britney doesn't eragon again and forget to put on underpants."

"Michael Richards may very well have eragoned his career."
by Devin Olson December 08, 2008
Verb: To steal an already respected piece of art and turn it into a piece of degenerate garbage.

Noun: 1) A a piece of degenerative garbage often derived from an already respected piece of art,
2) A stereotypical weak and angsty hero.
3) An adolescent male that dreams of riding Dragons and saving princesses.
4) A male highschool idiot that things he's tough but gets beaten up by jocks every day. Still he hangs onto the delusion that people think he's cool.
5) An Epic Failure

''Star Wars got Eragoned by Christopher Paulini. He's such a plagiarising loser!''

1) ''Eldest is an Eragon of The Empire Strikes Back.''
2) ''Bek Rowh from The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara is such an Eragon''
3) ''John dreams of riding Dragons - What. An. Eragon.''
4) ''Haha, John got beaten up by Damien yesterday. He's such a mothafucking Eragon.''
5) ''Louis got pwnt in that debate with James yesterday. He's such an Eragon.''
by AndrewParis October 26, 2009

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