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A label given to you. Contrary to popular belief, it has NO affect on your personality. Names are only to stop one person from getting confused with another. They do not suddenly make you some amazing person you are not. You can change your name from Sarah to something strange, like, say, Azaria, and you will NOT suddenly be unique and pretty and so on.
I just thought I would use a random name generator, then look up the name in Urban Dictionary. Here's what I got/

A small cute girl with a dazzling smile and beautiful eyes. Often doesn't realise how beautiful and charming she is. Lucy is intelligent, kind and the best sort of friend. She is there when you are sad and gives you amazing hugs. She is funny and has a head full of the most amazing stories. Lucy longs for fun and adventure and loves to dance. Lucy can be shy and full of self-doubt, but once she lets you in she will make you happier than you ever realised.


It's just a fucking name.
by CLRB August 18, 2011
A mediocre book, a shitty film and a game straight from the very depths of hell itself.
The book is kind of entertaining for a little while, despite the fact that the story ripped off a mix of Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, with forgettable characters and a lack of originality (The main character's name was the word "Dragon" with the first letter changed. Go figure). It really showed that it was written by a teenager. The plot is easily predictable but it's fine for when you just want a easy, slightly shoddy book to read.

The film is bad. Lifeless and at times a bit silly, the best thing in it is the visual effects. And, of course, the same flaws in the story of the book.
The game is terrible. You cannot upgrade anything, change anything and it's so repetitive I think I actually lost a lot of my brain cells from it. The graphics are rivaled only by video games of the cretaceous period.
Give the book a try if you really want to.
Avoid the film.
Buy the game and burn it to rid the world of this abomination.
I bet I get a load of down votes from Eragon fans now. Well, apparently some people have not read a decent book in a while.
by CLRB October 23, 2011

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