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When a female is a bitch and a male is an even biger asshole. The male's non-fasination with the female, makes her want to sleep with the male.
That girl Jess is a bitch, but I got the equode in full effect, and I'll have her in the sheets in like a week.
by CRACA JACK November 03, 2008
When a girl is a bitch and a male acts like a bigger asshole; which results in the female's desire for the male's love & affection.

The female feels attraction to the man because he is a dick and appears uninterested in her.

(Usually has a profound effect on rich/snotty/stuck-up bitches)
"That girl Jess is a bitch!"

"Just throw the E-quode on her when you speak; you'll have her in the sheets in a flat week."
by CrackerJack March 20, 2009
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