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Emotional Quo
A sub genre of the much more popular 'Emo' movement.
Combining melancholic and meaningful lyrics over a more hardcore tinted traditional british boogie.

Most Equo followers can be seen sporting a greasy dyed black pony tail with a slightly exaggerated black side parting.
More extreme followers may also shave in a balding patch on their crown.
The typical Equo kid would normally be seen sporting a pair of tight straight legged wranglers, slightly too short, with white converse hi-tops.
A white band tshirt underneath a black sleeveless hooded waistcoat is also commonplace.

The Equo contingent are normally very unstable people, and whinge a lot. They look very silly.
Thats some finely honed Equo boogie
by jamesy murray April 27, 2005

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