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The center of the universe.
if you are not in Epping you are not in the center of the universe. "The center of the universe."
by jojo09 July 17, 2008
a very boring place/ THE PLACE TO DIE/ hickvile
theres nothing here ask someone if they have heard about Epping they will probably say whats a Epping?
by Ryan Bourassa June 03, 2003
Watching many episodes of the same show in sequence.
Sorry bro, at Mega's place epping Grey's
by 4jess February 04, 2011
This is what happens when you drive your truck into the clay next to a lake and when everyone shows up to pull you out you blame it on your girlfriend.
We were idiots and decided to pull an epping.
by couth sleuth September 21, 2010
A crappy ass kick, massive height but in the wrong direction. Usually done by Moods.
Look bro, that fool did an Epping.
by Moods21 August 11, 2006