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Character in the Victor Hugo novel, Les Miserables. Fell in love with Marius, however he was in love with Cosette. Involved in a complicated love triangle.
Got shot on the barricade during a fight and died in the arms of Marius, singing "Little Fall of Rain"
Also sang songs such as "On My Own" and "A Heart Full Of Love"
She's in love with him, but he likes someone else... like Eponine.
by _epi_ February 19, 2008
verb: eponining
"Without him, I feel his arms around me." -Eponine

nigga that aint physically possible
by ja feel March 22, 2013
A very beautiful, cute, amazing, funny and childish girl who is very friendly and kind. if she has a boyfriend, he will be very in love with her, with everything she does and her boyfriend is very lucky to have her.
Kevin is so luck to have Eponine, she's so cuuute.
Paolo wishes that he had a girlfriend like Eponine.
Even Annie love Eponine!
by appleanniebananie June 19, 2011
eponine is what is commonly known as a slut. This particular slut is also extremely skanky, and takes to attempting to engage in sexual relations with every man(or woman) that does not instantly reject her like the animal she is.
Bob: haha, look at that slut over there
Bill: heh, she isnt that bad... she could be like eponine
by -fred- August 15, 2005
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