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The most profound group of lyricists amongst Harrisburg, compiled of the Crown aka Crown Royal, founded in the mid-90’s, the following original members remain: Fel da Beast aka the GENERAL, Buck’em aka Buck, Scientific, M-One aka Q Dot aka Quiet Storm aka Murdah. Also, as first round draftees: Moon Shine aka M Dubbs aka Shizzy, Knowledge aka Remedy. And the final member, a descendant of the Royal Bloodline, brother of Fel and Buck, Lejend the Kid. Also, Medicine Men, compiled of the following artists: Buck, M-One, Remedy, Antidote aka Diamond and Sharp Shootaz member B-Tru.
Together, known as E Nigrets
Them Epidemik Nigrets ain't really a joke...just can't KOPE with'em....creme of the crop...elite ass niggas
by Lejend the Kid February 02, 2004
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