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Something so completely amazing you cant put it into words(now you can).
Jack: That concert last night was... was....
Kyle: Full of Epicocity
by Insert! Name! Here! June 21, 2009
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the act of being epic
His epicocity shows when his gamer score is that much.
by Jewsh April 14, 2009
Originating as part of the hyphy movement in the Bay Area, it is used to descrbe the epicness of a day, night, or moment. Only associated with extremely hyphy, chronic, and epic moments.
"The epicocity level of tonight is going to be at an all time high."
by Cazman May 03, 2007
to be or do something epic; the state of being of being epic.
you have an amazing sense of epicocity.

that drawing displays huge amounts of epicocity
by areeeee shalts November 27, 2010

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