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Epi-pen is the brand name of the most common type of autoinjector of epinephrine (i.e. adrenaline). Because they can be self-administered and are very fast-acting, Epi-pens are commonly carried by persons with severe allergies and a risk of anaphylactic shock. In the US and the United Kingdom, Epi-pens are regulated medical devices and require a prescription.
Let's fast forward. I've dropped the nut bomb on Nutman, and he is, against all odds, falling madly in love with my nut-free self. We have the heavy-panting "let me show you what I like" conversations, shortly followed by the ever-sexy "Let me show you how to operate my Epi-Pen" discussion. That one concludes with, "FYI, I always keep two in my purse, right next to the emergency condom." I am the least sexy person ever to walk the earth.
by Topher54 February 02, 2007
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