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The extreme dislike and fear of all insects. A person with entomophobia is also afraid of spiders, worms, and flying insects.
I went camping and cried for ten minutes straight because there were hundreds of bugs and I have Entomophobia.
by mNicole3 February 10, 2009
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Fear of insects. Really afraid of bugs. When you see a bug you get afraid. Etc.
I can't kill flys, not because I am a gentle person but because I have Entomophobia.
by Jackie1234 November 28, 2006
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An extreme hatred/dislike or fear against most arthropods and insects which also includes spiders,flying bugs and sometimes even worms.
I went to my best friend's house and there was a big spider on the wall so i ran away and told my best friend that i have Entomophobia.
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by By Alicz November 22, 2016
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