1. Something that is meant to entertain, but actually sucks.
2. Foreplay that doesn't turn you on.
1. Man, I thought that open mic night was some real enterdrainment.
2. Whenever my wife tries to "spice up" our sex life, all she can come up with is enterdrainment.
by AntimatterKING July 21, 2009
Top Definition
Any passive form of entertainment that is so incredibly mind numbing that it sucks the intelligence from the listener or viewer; ultimately over time reducing (or limiting) them to a simplistic proto-human mental state, incapable of cognition or rational thought.
Sports, Celebrity gossip, Country music, Talk radio, Call-in shows, Soap operas and Reality TV are considered by many to be enterdrainment.
by Benjamin M Crowe January 05, 2007
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