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1. A being that forever searches for absolute truth.
2. A bloodthirsty hunger to fill the void of your mind.
3. Someone looked at as an unearthly, or a heavenly body of energy.
4. A monk that lived in China during the Wei dynasty. Named after the prophecy and raised by the teachings of Enseferus by his father Han. He was known for his exceptional blade mastery, and as legend goes he could hit any of the main arteries, rendering a fatal blow, from over one hundred yards with a ordinary bow.
Enseferus is a prophecy of an ancient being, originating in Asia, whom was believed to have existed since the beginning of all existance. Also, was believed to hold unhuman powers, such as controlling time and space itself. Rumors still circulate through very remote areas about his great miracles.
by Arata Osaka March 19, 2006
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