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1- A crocodile that is of monstrous proportions.

2- A childrens book with a (rather clichéd, "good overcomes evil ) moral, by Roald Dahl. It has some really quite cool characters such as the Rolypoly Bird and Mugglewump the Monkey (who also features in Dahl's book The Twits. This is a must read if you are a small child or if you have small children but ESPECIALLY if you are a small child.
"The Enormous Crocodile lives in the biggest, brownest, muddiest river in Africa. He has sharp shining teeth and a temendous appetite- for nice, juicy children (muwahahahhaaa... kiddy sandwich... YUM YUM! (soz)), his favourite lunch time treat..."
by J-Bezza. March 25, 2006
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