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A guy's name. Also spelt "Enoch". Biblical name. A very calm and collected person who prefers keeping his emotions hidden. Able to forgive others very easily. Determind and always thinking ahead. A very cool guy to those who know him
Friend: what's wrong (Enock) Enock: nothing
by Raban March 14, 2012
Enock as a boy's name is a variant of Enoch (Hebrew)
The meaning of Enock is "trained and vowed, dedicated; profound".
by Yory March 14, 2012
adj. alcoholic black out
ie. Waking up not knowing where you are and/or forgetting what you did last night from consuming too much alcohol.
Man..I think I got enocked last night..I don't remember going home.
by Elmo21 February 03, 2006

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