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Or Englor.

It is a version of english where you take, normally the first part of the word, and you add random suffixes.

If you get used to it, you can say a sentence where only you and your friends will understand.
Spearoy the englonius el "f"-jack.
(speakin englor is fun)

Whalor 6 o'clogru, el grundigginest sluzbucket in downtowru.
(whale behind us, shes the wrankest slurry ive seen all night)

p.s. you dont say it as it is spelt, say the word properly up untill the suffix comes along.
eg. in o'clogru, the clo sounds like clo would from clock or cloth, not clo from clog.
by Matt1989 May 09, 2007
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