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Engine-EarZ Experiment are a musical union of incredibly talented artists who pulse a new wave of sound that smashes the glass divisions of genres and ideologies; fusing indigenous musics from around the world with elements of dubstep, drum'n'bass, electronica and rock.
Centring around acclaimed multi-instrumentalist/scorer/dj/producer Prashant Mistry, the ensemble take you on a journey down the rabbit hole of musical wonder and closes the exit back home - And you don't even care as the colliding rhythms, drops and twisted formula takes you to somewhere exciting and new!
Toki: I got us two tickets for Engine-Earz tomorrow night.
Una: woah! ...I ..I feel funny, my brain can't comprehend the sheer amount of joy
Toki: heh.. feels good doesn't it?
Una: .. in so many ways! I'm numb. Hold me.
by Talonz February 21, 2010
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