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Used as a synonym for endorphins, the chemicals released by the body for pain and pleasure. Chasing the endolphins. Just like chasing endorphins but with dolphins!
I don't do it for the thrill, I do it for the endolphins. I use various methods to up my endolphins to help with my chronic pain.
by MeriLizzie July 16, 2012
Endolphins are the big brother to endorphins, and can create a high so potent that it is often deadly. If is estimated that less than 1% of world's population has the ability to release this chemical. Only elite athletes who GTL on a regular basis have a shot at achieving this amazing feat.
Pauly D: Bruh how was the gym sesh?
Joshie D: Unreal my dude, just released some endolphins!
Pauly D: Eyyy GTL game strong!
by Chocolate Brown June 05, 2015

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