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An extremely chill town on the coast in San Diego's North County. If you like the beach and dank Mexican food, make a visit.
How could you not love living in Encinitas?
by k March 15, 2005
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A quiet beach side community on California's southern coast inhabited by a select few looking to avoid cultural diversity in any way shape or form by way of their insanely large trust funds. Surfing, drug use and the subsequent date rape that follows are all societal hallmarks of this proud community. Another bizarre ritual that has popped up in recent years to only become city-wide tradition is a young boys rite of passage by way of overdose, usually by way of a lethal/fun combination of prescription drugs and cocaine, with the supplies found in their parents bathroom cabinets/purses. Encinitas: Come for the sun drenched useless housewife larvae and stay for the incessant judgement by a hypocritical hybrid surfer-Christians that dominate the void of intellectual thought that pervades the area.
I'd go to Encinitas but I'm black and they might lynch me there for no reason.
by Playershit October 01, 2012
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A beach-side city located in North San Diego, California. Unlike neighboring Carlsbad and Oceanside, Encinitas is more liberal and laid-back, and is a haven for hipsters and college-educated people. Has some really delicious taco shops and surf shops that line the 101 coast highway. El Camino Real to the east is full of strip malls with K-marts and fast food restaurants. Residents here often go to the beach or visit the cultural events occurring on the weekends.
Let's go to Encinitas to surf some waves at Moonlight Beach and eat a California Burrito at Juanitas afterwards
by partyrockstar222 November 30, 2016
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Hands down the most racist and prejudice place in San Diego. If you're anything other than white, expect to be treated like you're subhuman or at least thought of that way. Of course every white person that visits or lives in Encinitas will deny this because they like to consider themselves "cultured travelers" by wearing Patagonia. Really they are afraid of anyone or anything other than their own kind and consider you to be a novelty if you're a different race. You have the overtly pretentious women that attend, cough cough, shelter who are actually broke and looking for a sugar daddy or the rampant low life surfer skater "locals only" idiots who have the IQ of a chimpanzee. But of course the also low life women of Encinitas love these directionless scumbags. Pretty much one of the most ignorant breeds of human can be found here. Other than that, it's a beautiful town.
Hey dude, do you want to go to the saloon in Encinitas and drink some PBRs.
by Pplpleaser November 18, 2016
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