Top Definition
"May I please have an enchie? I've been craving one all day"
by MiykeyP August 28, 2013
Slang for "enchilada."

Plural: Enchies
Person1: "Hey, are you up for some tacos?"
Person2: "Actually, I prefer enchies."
by skybreaker December 06, 2009
A shamefully small penis. Usually bigger around than it is long. Also can be used if the sack is significantly larger than the penis.

"The Enchie Roll" - slang for using an embarrassing penis in any sexual situation.
"Yo, the girls find out you got an enchie you'll never get any play."

"You better have some bank roll if your sporting that Enchie"

"Give her the enchie roll"
by FuriousBlunts August 25, 2009

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