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"Emusic" or "E-music" is a website that is centered on emerging artists, or basicly artsits you never heard of. There are advantages and disadvantages to this, obviously; If you want to search some good old Nirvana, all you will find are either,
1. One song from compilations.
2. Weird lullaby renditions.
3. Tributes.
You notice one thing, WHERE IS NIRVANA? You won't find the big names you like most of the time!
E-Music has also been criticized for lack of good quality in freshly ripped Cd's. Although these cons, you may find some pros. Perhaps you can find a new band you like.
Dr. Clash- Hmm...I would like to download some Smashing Pumpkins from Emusic.

One minute later

Dr. Clash- Lullaby rendition...nevermind...

Thirty Minutes later

Dr. Clash- Dang! That's an awesome DnB track! Thank you, Emusic!
by Dr. Clash October 01, 2007
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