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Emu Tax is a quite common form of (you guessed it) taxation.

Although its never on an invoice, you can't claim it back and the government certainly don't use it to fund the needy.

This tax usually takes a dishonest form and is charged at a quite fluctuating percentage and is charged by people ( EMU's ) who have offered petty services to you as a 'friend'. This charge is placed on top of the actual price in order to reimburse the 'EMU' for completely wasting your time and talking to you about its belonging to the 'top 3%' club.

Now for most people, I probably just lost you, but the moral here is...

If you have a TIGHT ARSE 'friend' that stands over 6 feet tall and thinks he's god's gift to the manufacturers of XXXL condoms, don't ask him to get you a quote on ANYTHING because you guessed it...


PS. We have found the best weapon for evading emu tax is indeed eggs...
EMU : "Mate that speedo will be 500 bucks"...

Emu Hunter : " But i just saw it for 450"

EMU : " Gotta pay for my XXXL condoms some how, I am in the top 3% you know... 8.04 inches..."

Emu Hunter : " FUCKIN EMU TAX"...
by Emu Hunter December 02, 2006
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