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The general classification of people who work for Embarq. Using a cross between the name of the company, and the word retard, this term was spawned.
I just got of the phone with an emtard.

Their whole office is full of emtards.

That person is really emtarded.
by The one and only DAN April 22, 2008
A little pubescent retard who likes stupid Eminem. A jr high school or middle school dork who says `Yo`, wears baseball caps on backwards, thinks Eminem songs which talk about beating women in the face and have lyrics about slitting the throat of a child are ``really cooool.`` A Raptard that writes ``Eminem`` all over his or her school notebooks, and claims Marshall Mathers is a lyrical genius, but spells it ``lyricle genious``. A fanboy of Gay-Unit. - (Or an adult that acts like the mindset of such a 13year old Raptard.)
``Yo. wasup. Eminem is duh gratest liricle genious evah!(sic) He Rockzzzzs!``
(Actually he raps; Eminem does not have the capability to sing or play any musical instrument, so he cant rock, but an Emtard doesn`know this.)

``He`soooo Real! He says just what I feeel! Emanem is dah bom!(sic) I love him! Ur just jellous``-An EmTard-

by BET television June 05, 2006