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A form of immaturity where one gives the impression that they think they are better than everyone and everything else in the world. When asked why they are so much better than everyone else, you will likely get as a response "Because not only am I original, but I also care about 'the issues'" or something that tries to convey the same points. You can then ask this person to elaborate on their claim, and they will likely say that they listen to "original" music, don't follow trends, care about the flaws in their country, and don't judge people.

Do not be fooled by these claims. These subhuman organisms are more egotistical, judge mental, ignorant, and lacking of any originality than you can even begin to dream of. The only reason they claim to be original is because they feel it makes them important. The same goes for why they say they care about "issues", and don't judge people. All they want to do is feel important/better than other people. They can't be that original when there are so many kids just like them trying to say the same thing, wear the same clothes, and listen to the same music. They don't judge people? They're claiming that they are better than you because "you are part of a group, and you are self centered". Easily the most judgemental people in the world. And if you confront them and ask them for their personal political opinions, they will be at a loss for words.
Emoture person: Ugh, you see, your problem is that you and all of your friends think you're all so cool but you gave up your independence and all of you just listen to the same music and wear the same clothes and are self centered and.... just ugh.

Smart person: Really, you too. You and all of your friends listen to the same music, and wear the same clothes, all because you want to feel important. News flash; converse aren't original. Everybody listens to Green Day. And by the way, can you even name the Governor for the state you live in?

Emoture kid: What's a governor?
by QuagsireFactor January 23, 2011
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