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The Study of Emos and Emo People and the many reasons why they act the way they do.
"Ahh man, I have a big test in emothology today. It's on the reasons for cutting themselves. "
by Spensedog April 02, 2008
The art of a person to study being a 'Dirty Slashing, Piece Of Crap Emo', who listens regularly to My Chemical Romance and worships Hawthorne Heights. While also self-harming and wirting poems on death and their crap lives.
Afro: Hey Simon what you doing today?
Simon: Studying emothology, slashing my wrist's and crying in the corner, listening to Hawthorne Heights, while questioning my existence.
Afro: Sounds fun....
by Afroman Myles February 07, 2007

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