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Emostep -

"Emostep is the kind'a music where the people who are really into it, if they hear the wrong kind of tune they go -

Oh no! Oh no! Thats got a back beat on the two and the four!
.and I only like that if its made by Jonny L, apart from that its horrible and I have to go MUMMY MUMMY! THERE IS A BACK BEAT ON THE TWO AND THE FOUR AND I DONT LIIIKE IT!

Make it stop. Make it go away. I want it to be awkward I want the kick to be in a really awkward place.

I dont want it to be a snare anyway I want it to go -

kik kik kik kik plung kik bun bun bun kik

...thats emostep"
-London Elektricity - from "so what exactly is Emostep?"
Emostep - kik buhn kik buhn pong
by nhs01 March 12, 2013