A select group of absolute hipocrites who used to be Emo, listening to Bright Eyes, jammin' needles in their arm and crying about everything, who one day snapped out of it, and decided that the only way to make up for being such miserable pieces of garbage was to start a punk rock band and begin knocking everything they used to listen to and act like they never did it. Emorpho's are usually in their mid 20's to 30's but still act like they're in high school.
Brian threw a fit on stage and quit my Emo band, years later i was in a rock n' roll band and we let Brian join. Now it is a shitty punk rock band because Brian's too eager to prove to the world what he's not and knock everything else. He is so Emorpho.
by Non-Linear Minded Driller March 02, 2007
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