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/iˈmäkyəlit/ adj., n.

e - mok - u - late

1. To be perfect in every way and without flaw; beyond immaculate (adj.)
2. The ultimate, optimal, or maximum result; above the given scale of success (adj.)
3. Proper description of one who looks astounding in a bow-tie (n.)
1. This red velvet cake is so delicious--combined with the creamed cheese icing, it is simply emokulate.

2. Young Sam has performed at emokulate levels on his IQ test. We are considering him for early entry into Havard University, with a full scholarship to Harvard, and then to the business school, school of law, or school of medicine; whichever he prefers.

3. James is definitely an emokulate; that bow-tie defines his exquisite tastes in fine art.
by B. Roby October 08, 2011
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