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To become immortal amongst emos and known as a demigod.

Spiritual descendants of emos or spiritual descendants of fallen angels.
All great Emo bands are emofied!

Jay and Kay are emofied from a previous life, and when they have kids, there kids will be emofied!
by The Moody Poet January 22, 2007
The act of being cut, originating from the emo sub-culture.

Also known as emofication, or emoed.
Bob: Ow! I got a paper cut!
Stan: HAHA! You've just been emofied!
by talesfrombeneathyourmom June 21, 2006
TO make or become Emo or show a slight sighn or moment of being emo.
Emokat: Hi JEff
Jeff:* no answer*
Emokat:*pulls jackect from jeff's head*
Jeff:*crying alot*
Emokat:You HAve Just been EMOFIED

EMojen:Put this small shirt on jeff
Jeff:okay*pulls on*
Emokat: now put this gel in your hair and aply this eyeliner.
Emojen and Emokat:YOu have just been EMOFIED!
by <|3K A T I E <|3 February 24, 2006
to become emo, to be emo, to try to become emo
craig: dude, why are your converse different colours
Aj: *wearing one black, one red converse* my shoes are all EMOFIED
craig: *confused* wtf?
Aj: go and look it up...
by the adge man October 22, 2006