When emo's write depressing poetry together then have sex while looking in the others eyes and crying while blood, from their recently slit wrists, stains the sheets.
Guy: Let's go have emo sex.
Girl: Ok, but i'm cutting you first...
by marmalation August 07, 2005
when two people (not nessicairily emo) be it male/male female/female male/female, have sex while rubbing their blood on eachother and maybe having a taste of one's lover's blood. also, somtimes razzorblades are present in the mouth of one or both lovers while kissing.
lover 1:ready?let me go get the razor blade
lover 2:I love you,want to taste my blood?
lover 1:*cut's lover 2's wrist and licks at the blood*
all while they are having sex.
thus, emo sex. (not always exactly like that...)
by Keriwisheshelovesher April 19, 2008
sex, although the 2 or ore partners think it would be stimulating to use bondage, whips, and other sick, painful sex toys
George: How'd your date with Shana go?
Daniel: Fuckin' horrible. It was great until she tried to get me to have emo sex with her. What a twat.
by d*a*v*i*d December 06, 2008
When two emos cut their wrists and rub them together so they get aids ot tetnus.
emo sex is not good so dont do it oko
by callum taylor October 02, 2007
Due to the huge population of emo's actually being virgins this lasts for a very short, yet lovingly bloodcutcrymakeupdeathsex experience.
Boy: I love you
Girl: You finished already?
Boy: Yes. I love you, I love you so much I'm gonna cry, and slit my wrists for you.
Girl: Emo sex is shit.
by Mr.Honda July 16, 2006

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