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Emo Girl

An emo girl is a girl who likes to dress in emo fashion, has an emo(tional) personality and listens to emo music. (Such as Bright Eyes.) Emo girls like to hang out with other emo girls and emo boys. They are usually sad most of the time, do not smile very often, and just like emo boys, show no signs of self worth or self confidence whatsoever and will not make eye contact with you.

An emo girl has very dark hair, either cut somewhere around their shoulder, or in the classic emo haircut, which is sort of short and spiky in the back with long sweeping bangs in the front. Their hair has to be very dark brown or black, or in some cases very light blonde as long as the cut is right. No matter what, it must be worn so that it is covering part of their face at all times. This is because emo girls tend to be shy and mysterious and don’t really want their face to show too much. They usually wear a lot of dark eyeliner and tend to have washed out skin.

Most emo girls are vegetarians or vegans. Although some girls just dress in the emo style, most emo girls are sad; cry and write poetry a lot, and tend to cut their wrists. They usually hide this by wearing armbands or lots of happy colored bracelets.

Their clothing consists of tight jeans, converse and dark colored tight shirts. They also might have a scarf on. They may a few have pins from shows on their jeans. They usually have at least a few piercings and wear lots of happy colored jewelry. Some wear horn rimmed glasses, some do not. They really don’t like it if you confuse them with a goth. Emo and goth are very different so don’t make this mistake.

They are most likely to be seen at shows, looking completely sad and lost. Emo girls also love it when emo boys make out with each other (which they tend to do a lot).

Just like Emo boys, they usually walk with their head down not making eye contact with anyone. Although most Emo kids are very sad and feel like the world hates them, they tend to understand what other Emo kids are going through.
That girl over there in the corner with the dark hair, listening to Bright Eyes, and staring at the floor must be emo.
by No Lies, Just Love August 20, 2005
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the most hottest most beautiful girls in the world. period.
The emo girl held the door open for me at school and I fell head over heels in love with her
by NormalGuyYouSholdKnow November 09, 2007
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Who the hell wrote these definitions? Just cuz some girls like to dress a certain way and listen to a certain style of music, it doesn't instantly turn them into shallow/fake/attention-seeking. That's emo poser.

Anyhow, true emo girls are usually fun, amusing people ( though to others they may appear odd). Some are quiet and reserved too, but they are always intelligent or artistic, and they love japanese cartoons and cute hairclips/bows, so much that they buy loads no matter how much they need. Emo girls who smoke/drink/do drugs/self-harm are only doing it because they feel like it, and are probably a bit messed up at the time, because that DOES HAPPEN TO PEOPLE SOMETIMES. (In fact I think the reason they dress like that in the first place is because they're trying to express the way they've felt). They are very true to themselves and won't stop doing something just because it's 'uncool'.
(Pointing at tartan skinny jeans)

Emo girl: That. Is. Awesome.
Non-emo friend: Em, sure, whatever you say.
Emo girl: I want it.
Non-emo friend: You don't have enough money.
Emo girl: I want it.
Non-emo friend: I though you were saving up for a hamster?
Emo girl: =C *disappointed*
by Cookie_cutter March 25, 2008
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Emo Girl is like an emo boy, only obviously, a girl. Cords, pants roled up at the bottom, emo bandshirts, emo band pins, and of course, an emo ex-boyfriend. Hornrimmed glasses, or glasses with thick blak rims, and bangs that cover at least half their face. Lastly, a pair chucks, and matching belt of course, cause we all know, your belts HAVE to match your shoes.
Nerd, with a fashion sence.
by Sam February 07, 2005
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yea, so, coming from a true emo girl, heres my interpretation of what an emo girl is: bangs covering a single eye/side of her face,sometimes held back by a black or neon colored barrette, band merchandise (including band tees, band track jackets, band hoddies, band zip-up hoodies, band wrist bands, and any other type of band stuff), black rubber bracelets or rainbow rubber bracelets, thick-rimmed glasses occassionally horn-rimmed, thick black eyeliner, sometimes black or neon eye shadow, pale skin, jeans (tight pants or just regular jeans, sometimes ripped) messenger bag, or another kind of flimsy bag, listens to "little known" bands, or some mainstream bands, and complains about them being mainstream, looks sad most of the time, the majority of emo girls cut themselves, enjoys taking pictures of themselves looking away from the camera or looking just plain sad, and then photo-shops it to make it black and white and all contrasty, sometimes wears a scarf, fingerless gloves, and can be found mingling with emo boys or other emo girls.
look at sadie sitting by herself, listening to panic! at the disco, reading anne rice novels, with half her face covered with bangs... shes such an emo girl.
by sadie =) January 09, 2006
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emo is a trend that used to be pretty popular and is now on its way be replaced with the scene kid. not that there's anything wrong with an emo kid, apart from the whole... i wan to die, wist cutting attitude. most of them are pretty sweet people. they mainly like cute depressing mainstream bands. they can be quite shy and prefer not to be in a big group.

they wear drainpipe jeans or a tutu. they wear converse in any colour they fancy,band t-shirts or tops from criminal damage etc. with a black hoodie. often, they will have a few badges on their hoodie, a wristband or happy coloured bracelets. they may have black hair that they dye themselves, a fringe covering one eye. the hair will be about shoulder length if not a bit shorter, often with a headband in it.
overall, emo kids are cute, but be nice to them, get them out of the whole wrist cutting thing. =)
emo girls are sweet, dont pick on them!!!
by smiley-cool-bean June 22, 2007
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For fuck sake this whole emo thing is stupid us so called "emos girls" we dnt all cut outselfs and cry all the tym u people who say all this stuff try think y the ppl have slits on there wrists and y they cry u go around saying all this shit tht were fucked up u guys get no guilt from hurting other people u are the 1s hu r fucked up at least we are indervidual u reli need 2 think of other people but ur fucking selfs
Chav: omfg look at tht emo, do u slit ur wrist lil gal

"emo girl": no

Chav: y r u wearing braclets then

"emo girl": its called style, u shud get sum

Chav: U slit ur wrists

* "emo girl" shows the chave her wrists- there is no slits *

"emo girl": just coz i dress this way it doesnt mean i cut myself
by emo girl - 185 August 02, 2006
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