a group of people that love to get FUCKED IN THE ASS
"hey whats up joseph?"
"nothing much."
"wanna get fucked in the ass?"
"sure. and after we get fucked in the ass we can go get a smoothie"
"you know us emos are in fact a group of people that love to get FUCKED IN THE ASS"
by jesus christ superstar55 July 10, 2008
EMO equals Eat Me Out, a lesbian and/or homosexual act. (wiki says it all)

Collective Noun
People who don't give a shit about life
yo, i'm emo. got it?!
by crazykiwi May 03, 2008
Emo is a fashion and music style that originated in the 1980's. Emo music consists of screaming, and ncredibly poetic lyrics. It is short for Emotional Hardcore, as it began as a form of punk rock. Emo bands include (but are not exclusive too): My Chemical Romance, Aiden, Taking Back Sunday, The Used, Fall Out Boy, Jimmy Eat World, Panic! At The Disco, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Hawthorne Heights, Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, Escape The Fate, Die Mannequin, AFI, The Academy Is.., Cute Is What We Aim For, Dashboard Confessional, From First To Lst, Funeral For A Friend, Rites Of Spring, Silverstien, Thrice, Thursday, Coheed And Cambria, and Underoath. Some emo, such as PATD, has been known to have a dance/techno aspect to it.

Emo fashion is far more easier to define. When it comes to hair, black is usually the staple, although any colour is acceptable (my natural hair colour is actually barbie doll blonde). Hair normally covers half the face, and is straight. Spikes in the back is also emo. Clothes are mostly black, with the odd flouresant colour (such as pink) mixed in. Emo's wear ties, and scarves in just about any colour. An emo shirt is most likely a tight fitting black t with an emo band name on it, or anything from Nightmare Before Christmas or Emily The Strange.

Pants are ALWAYS tight-fitting skinny jeans. No exception. A girl can wear a black skirt overtop, or tight-black leggings (black with skulls is better) and the skirt. Denim in this situation is also acceptable.

Shoes can be converse, or vans. Writing on them (and your jeans) adds a nice touch.

Gloves are a staple of emo, if you can get them fingerless, even better.

Emo can also take on a gothic-hybrid style. Dress shirts and lace can be your best friend. ^^

Make sure you wear thick black eyeliner, black, purple, or grey eyeshadow, and black nailpolsh. Even if your a guy. Trust me, it's hot.

Also, I will say this once, and once only. Emo does NOT mean gay, depressed, or cutting. Emo kids are just being themselves.

Emo song lyric: The truth, is you could slit my throat, and with my one last gasping breath, I'll apologize for bleeding on your shirt.
by Kelsey (an emo/goth kid) April 12, 2008
We all know Emo is a genre of music but what word can describe those kids you see in the local mall or that random kid that always sits in the same place every lunch break at school.

We will just refer to them as emo kids.

They will usually deny being "emo" but don't be confused, they actually love the attention they get.

The kids who go around saying they are emo, they are usually the faggots who should be hit.

They'll listen to lots of different bands -
- My Chemical Romance (This is because MCR is life)
- Panic! At The Disco (This is because Panic! are geniuses)
- Random Techno Bands (This is because every emo loves to get up and dance when they're not OD'd on the floor)
- Old School Punk (This is because they are actually more xtuffx then the other kids give them credit for, not)

They'll dress in lots of different clothes and colours as long as it's black and tight -
-Black Skinnies (If you don't have these don't even try and claim to be emo)
-Black Band Shirts (If you don't have at least two of these don't even try and claim to be emo)
-Black and White Checkered Belt (Like because whites a colour aswell!)
-Vans/Chucks (Because emos need to wear basketball shoes even though they hate sport, it's just emotional like that you know?)
-Random apparel (Like the clothing, can be any colour as long as it's black or white)

Now that you know what these kids are wearing it shouldn't be hard to track a few down in your local area.
Honestly, emo kids are popping up everywhere these days. Hell after reading this you'll probably turn to your more emotional side and next thing you know your begging to go shopping with your mum so she'll buy you some new tight jeans.
Oh Yes, the tight black jeans usually have rips in them. I don't know wether this is to look trendy or because they fall over a lot due to not being able to see because of their black hair covering their eyes.

HAIR is a big thing and probably the most hardest to become emo and fit in.
Dye it black, grow it, brush it forward.
That was hard.

Just remember these emo kids are highly emotional so don't go around giving them shit just because they don't know any better, in around 6 months they'll move on and deny ever listening to MCR or claiming to be emo.
You'll see enough of these kids and learn to thank them for the amount of laughter they create when you walk past, but never actually laugh at them. You're a jock/slut remember, you have to spread rumours - that's your job.
I used to be happy but now I'm emo so I can score girls

You're not emo, those jeans are loose

I'm an emo kid, be my friend?
by xxx3m0k1dxxx March 12, 2008
a person who is very depressed; hard core
LOLA: god emma ur so emo
EMMA: nuuh im just hard core
by macketteemmerly November 29, 2007
Emo, a style. Some also have it as a life, a mood. To look emo you must wear tight ass pants...so tight you almost get your crap squeezed out. Lots of BLACK make-up so thick you need a spatula to smear it on. Don't put on your make-up to look pretty, make yourself look as ugly as possible and to make people stare (remember get really made if they do!!). Make-up caking on is an art, try exotic styles. Tops as tight as possible. Band shirts all the way! The hair is another story...go as vagabondish as possible. Fringe covering one or both eye(s) to make yourself look as unpleasant/anti-social/dark and disturbed as possible.
Darkone: Zhey want to come over and cut with me to Dash?

Emostonecut:umm sure. lyke I have to go and buy some jeans furst. My others were stollen from me.

Darkone: damn...*cry* those were hawt on your skinny little ass!

Emostonecut: want me to bring razorzzz?

Darkone: er. sure.

Emostonecut: DEATH!

Darkone: DEATH
by Dandy. November 16, 2007
Well, you can get a pretty good wrong picture of an emo person from the 100's of other definitions of Emo.
But actually they are possibly mostly wrong. "emo" is now used as a term (which is alternative to goth) for people who like to wear what they like..such as black skinny jeans and those who have a fringe. This term is overrated and is really unrealistic. I'm not going to bother writing down an actual definition, but it could mean someone who has deep personal issues and actually like being unique, but are usually happy most of the time.
So yeah :)
Uh... Do you think a person is an emo if they cut themselves?

Another example is someone who goes from happy to down in a short amount of time...Uh, i dont know if thats accurate lol?
by Emma-Lou November 10, 2007
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