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An EmoThug is a wannabe gangster/punk rock/sissy guy.
Ill kick your ass man!!! I listen to Panic! at the Disco, Ill choke you out with my scarf then put my mascera on you while your down!!! So don't mess with me, Im an Emo Thug, Im from the 'burbs!! Ive seen Malibu's Most Wanted 100 times and I listen to Fallout Boy while i slice my wrists bitch!
by BurbanThug October 03, 2007
1. when a "gangsta" or "tough guy" is walking around depressed

2. when an emo person tries to act tough
I know your girl played you but stop acting like such an emo thug and come hit the clubs with me
by Mr. Torres April 02, 2012
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