a head movement, usually done by emo kids, that flips the hair in the emo kids eyes up and falls back over, they usually keep their heads down for while to have their hair completly over there eyes. this is done while listening to emo screamo music, sort of an emo headbang.
me: i luv this song
other emo kid: i know
me: let's do an emo hair flip
by hot emo kid August 14, 2006
Top Definition
A movement of the head; an attempt to get long hair/bangs out of one's face.

This motion is usually performed by emo teens, most often males.
Ivan's hair was so long that he had to do an emo hair flip just so he could see.
by liciastar August 15, 2005
When someone who obviously loves to have their hair in a very asymmetrical way shakes their head to remove their long bangs from their eyes.

They however immediately return their bangs to their rightful place, obscuring most of their face.
Pretty much any kid who is cool enough to be emo does the emo hair flip.
by Bryan September 21, 2006
a hair flip that rly hot emo kids do
girl 1: OMG that guy just did a rly hott emo hair flip
girl 2 *faints*
by Briana<3 August 25, 2006
When your life sucks so much that the only thing you can do is flip your hair.

Done by having your bangs in your face, and turning your head to the side and up until your bangs are no longer obstructing your vision.
John: God! My life sucks! I have to do an emo hair flip! *flips hair*
by theshadowillusionist February 19, 2009
a weird motion of the head that is only necessitated by the ridiculously long piece of shitty looking, greased-up hair that is slicked to the faces of the majority of guys (?!?! hard to tell...) that are obviously too emo for their own good. can be witnessed most often at taking back sunday shows and bands of the like.
hot guy who refuses to look like a complete moron: "hey, what's wrong with that kids' neck?"

hot guys' friend: "i don't know, it appears as though he has some sort of nervous twitch"

hot guy who refuses to look like a complete moron: "ohhh nevermind! look at those skinny pants and idiotic checkered converse! it's just an emo kid with stupid hair doing the emo hair flip"

hot guys' friend: "phewww! i thought we were going to have to call 911 there for a minute!"
by Emoness August 09, 2006

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