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I nickname given to kids who look emo but are not emo. They tend not to like to be called emo, and become sad or angry when they are called it, and thus are called emo again.
Julian: "Hey, emo."
Jeff: "I am not emo!"
Julian: "Okay, emo bean."
Jeff: "Shutup!" *hits Julian*
by Dylan C. D. B. April 07, 2006
A person who is an emo but denies it and often leads 2 vilolence if you call him an emo
hey holmzy ur an emo bean
Homzy: im fuckin not u cock *hits me*
no need 2 cry bout it u emo
Holmzy: arrr *dead arms me*
Just go slit ur rists
by George melhuish December 04, 2006
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