A black gangster wannabe whose music style is imitated from one of the most idiotic music genres ever. He somehow thinks that by mixing generic music with sentences that rhyme spoken in a stuttering manner he is creating music.
Music is dead since 1996. Songwriting is a thing of the past. Eminem is an example of the death of creativity in the music industry.
by yellowdaug October 30, 2011
For any haters out there of Eminem or Jay just listen to Renegade dats all i gotta say.
I'm not askin u 2 love all of wat he does cuz i dont either im just askin u to listen to dis song. hez a contraversal motha fucker dats y i like him buh not all Eminems stuff is cool.
by Celest August 12, 2006
Marshall Bruce Mathers III, 17 October 1973, Kansas City, Missouri, USA, although 1972 is also listed by some sources. This white rapper burst onto the US charts in 1999 with a controversial take on the horrorcore genre. Mathers endured an itinerant childhood, living with his mother in various states before eventually ending up in Detroit at the age of 12. He took up rapping in high school before dropping out in ninth grade, joining ad hoc groups Basement Productions, the New Jacks, and D12. The newly named Eminem released a raw debut album in 1997 through independent label FBT. Infinite was poorly received, however, with Eminem earning unfavourable comparisons to leading rappers such as Nas and AZ.
Eminem is a white rapper
by @!! May 22, 2005
The most popular and richest wigger that will ever live.
eminem is popular, and rich.
by The Dirty Pirate Whore July 24, 2008
his funny attitude which went alot with his fagety annoying voice really gave him alot of fame. Later started thinking he was some sort of a gangsta which was detrimental for his image and didnt suite him all. But wanna be highskool kids kept buying his albums. Later he tried to become more soulfull and intellectual like tupac, but in my point of view, it just showed how dumb and commercial he was. Atleast he didnt follow other rappers and keep making videos about bitchez and niggaz and hoes. He secluded himself and showed he had the ability to be different. But his real talent lies in being funny and stupid and pissing off people, like his first album slim shady please stand up.
"will the real slim shady please stand up , please stand up"

guy: yo eminem do you consider yourself a wigger.

replies: dont judge me just the way i walk and talk nigga.
by ryandyan September 19, 2007
One of the greatest rappers EVER , second only to 2Pac. He's just himself and isn't a fake poseur like some rappers (I.e Game, Vanilla Ice, Rick Ross, Bow wow). His lyrical content is often violent and is stupid funny. He is the funniest rapper EVER. Marshall Mathers LP is one of the best CD's I've ever owned and still gets frequent spins despite it being nearly 10 years old. Too bad his new album sukx =(
Example 1:

Boy: Hey, babe have u heard "Kim" by Eminem?? It's sooo fucking funny.. Not only that but it really inspires and motivates me, u knw?

Girl: what? Inspires and motivates u how?? Its about him commiting homicide isn't it?

Boy: I just hope u never cheat..

Girl: ........

Boy: yeah...

Example 2:

Me: oh la la Eminem sure is one sexy dood..

My gay friend: I know....when I was 12 I would fantasize about him while I masturbated...

Me:.... :-/

My gay friend: I used to imagine him raping me..

Me: ........

My gay friend: All this dirty talk is turning me on. I think I'll go listen to his cd and rub one out

Me: o.O
by IHateYouXoXo May 09, 2009
The hottest, most amazing, sexy, man in the entire world. He may be white but he raps better then any black man wishes/dreams he could. My daughter Hailie is so proud, she loves him almost as much as me. He is by far the best and will stay the best forever and always <3.

Eminem your crazy =)
by WafflePonyPwns October 06, 2007

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