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A pychological condition that stems from an utter infatuation with or affinity towards any person named Emily, Emilia, or Emilz ("E"). It listed as an Axis-II personality disorder "mental illness" by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Labeling it as a "mental illness" or "disorder" is somewhat misleading as it's noted symptoms are rarely, if ever, negative. The DSM-IV lists 7 symptoms of Emilitus, 5 of which must have been experience in no more than a one week period for an accurate diagnosis. These symptoms include: overwhelming feeling of euphoria when near this particular("E"); a persistant feeling of discontent when apart from "E"; constant desire for physical intimacy of any kind with "E"; mutual fits of spontaneous, uncontrollable laughter with "E"(a.k.a. Ridiculitus); inability to stop smiling when with or talking to "E"; constantly having and acting on the urge to stare psuedo-creepily at the stimulus and say "Yeah" in an psuedo-creepy voice; and incessently hearing the song "Ride" in one's head
Ridiculitus is a symptom and subcategory of Emilitus. Ridiculitus refers to shared fits of uncontrollabe laughter that have no primary cause outside of Emilitus.
by R.D. Colmes May 02, 2007