The most loyal and trustworthy person on the planet. His laugh will light up your universe as his arms will comfort you all the way back to your home. Has a heart of gold and will love someone with everything he has.
Me: "Emilio is the only man who I will ever love. He absolutely loves me and I am glad to call him mine."

Friend: "Julie, you are lucky to have him!"

Me: "I know."
by Filthy.Maria October 07, 2013
An illegal mother fucker
Emilio U illegal fuck
by killa john June 15, 2014
Noun - A fat fucking slob who only cares about himself. He will do anything to get what he wants by being a snitch and being a brown noser. He thinks he is better than everybody else and will try to one up you. He talks like his shit don't stink and is made of gold. Oh and did I mention he IS FAT?

Verb - To throw someone under the bus or snitch on someone.
That kid is such an Emilio, I mean, look at him! He's got more rolls than a bakery and he ratted out his own best friend Jose to the police for a $5 reward.
by ThatSpecialSomeOne69 September 11, 2013
A rapist.
Emilio: Dang gurl, you looking fine today. Don't go down any dark alleys.
by Hoenique Slutinez April 02, 2011
Duplicitous prevaricator, perfidious storyteller, deluder, maligner, slanderer, dishonest, deceitful, treacherous, wicked, vindictive, nasty, touchy, viperous

Uses deliberate malicious, defamatory backbiting to misrepresent a situation, frienship, association or relationship or to talk his way out of trouble. An excellent, award-winning performer, actor, thespian and role-player
He pulled an Emilio
by mrsjone June 13, 2010

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