Emile is an amazing actor who is in movies such as The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, Imaginary Heroes, Lords of Dogtown, The Emperors Club, The Mudge Boy, The Girl Next Door, etc...
Emile Hirsch is the most talented actor on the face of the planet.
by euphemystic July 31, 2005
Top Definition
the hottest person in the movie Lords of Dogtown..i wanted to lick the movie!! JK
omg Emile Hirsch is the hottest thing ever!
by times2 June 22, 2005
one of the most beautiful, talented actors on earth. Stars in movies such as Lords of Dogtown, Imaginary Heroes, The Emperor's club, and many more.
Emile Hirsch is amazingly gorgeous.
by oiuyawsdefbbvns November 03, 2006
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