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A set of laws, proven by science, that certain woogs and Emilies must conform to, lest they break the laws of nature.

The first law of Emidynamics state that an an Emilie can not be sad, for she (in some cases, he) is too good looking.

The second law of Emidynamics states that a woog or Emilie cannot be stopped, unless through unnatural causes like pollution.

The third law of Emidynamics states that an Emilie cannot be created or destroyed, only transferred, as if made of energy.
If subject A classifies as a woog by urban dictionary standards, then they are beings of pure energy.

If subject B is classified as an Emilie, then they must govern to the rules of thermodynamics as well as Emidynamics.
by WE1RD April 14, 2011

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